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Current Issues and Status

Current Issues and Status

Current Issues and Status

Domain Name Registration Renewal Letters - Beware
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Beware misleading Domain Name Registration Renewal Letters

Misleading "Domain Expiration Notices" are being sent out by a number of organisations including

  • Domain Registry Services
  • Domain Registration of America
  • Dot Biz Domain Renewal
  • EU Registry Services
  • UKDomains Ltd

Please ignore these misleading letters suggesting your domain registration is due to expire and if not renewed immediately will be suspended and deleted.

These not in any way connected to us.

Note: "Domain Registry Services" give a false telephone number and ask for cheque payments and charge very high registration fees

Please check your domain Registrar and registration expiry date in the Control Panel

You may also find the following sites of interest and help:

www.fraud.org                http://www.ifccfbi.gov

In the UK for more information about combating fraud please go to http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalert or you can call the Metropolitan Police 0207 230 1278 or 0207 230 1279 to be put in contact with your local Fraud preventive Unit

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